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Science Tools

Providing e-health solutions for a changing world

Science Tools has been working for more than
10 years now to offer added-value services to the health community through a firm commitment to the new technologies.

More than 50,000 health professionals currently and constantly use Science Tools with a very high degree of satisfaction.


eLearning platforms and
Continuing Medical Education

Our e-learning platforms can pool all the training for one speciality in a single space.

Users can intuitively access the training they are interested in, and an academic record with the courses they have attended is generated.

2.0 Communities


Science tools believes in the importance of cooperation networks and networking
between health professionals.

Our 2.0 communities permit the inclusion of
clinical cases to be shared,
commented and rated with the rest of the
professional community.


Online advertising

Using the Internet as a communication channel, we obtain immediate feedback in:

  • surveys
  • newsletters
  • bibliographic reviews

Mobile Apps

ePublishing & mobility

A new communication channel with our users through apps developed ad hoc for the different mobile devices on the market, delivering all the Science Tools services comfortably and speedily.


Acredited medical training courses

Aulascience is our independent eLearning platform.

Acredited medical training courses with the highest rates of satisfaction and attendance, with 99% of the users willing to do another course with us.